Our Sustainability Journey

Our Sustainability Journey

Sustainability as Our Core Value

Sustainability is more than just a pledge or a keyword we use in marketing our brand. At CSR, sustainability is at the core of our business, creating an ecosystem that promotes the growth of our brand with the development and preservation of our planet and future generations.

Our commitment to sustainable practices is guided by VIVE, a sustainability programme and standard focusing on continuous improvement and creating value throughout the sugar supply chains.

A Green Process, A Greener World

The VIVE Partners are Czarnikow, a trusted partner to the sugar industry since 1861 and AB Sustain, which has been pioneering sustainable agricultural programmes since 1995 and operates in 60 countries. The VIVE Programme sets performance goals in Governance, People, Environment and Traceability to ensure a holistic approach to driving continuous improvement in sustainability.

CSR has achieved the Claim Level of the VIVE Programme and is participating within VIVE’s Excellence Level to ensure continued sustainable growth.

Sustainability, The CSR Way

Our sustainability activities go beyond the factory as we actively seek opportunities to partner with various organisations to impact the world positively.