Working in CSR

Happy Employees, Happy Customers

Here in CSR, we know that productivity, efficiency, excellence and achievements begin with our people’s well-being. We would not be able to make it to where we are now without the commitment and energy of our team. CSR is dedicated to ensuring a pleasant and encouraging Employee Experience.

The CSR Employee Experience

CSR is committed to providing the best working environment for the team. This comes as an Employee Engagement Programme – a series of fun, exciting and engaging activities to ensure every team member feels ‘connected’ to the company.

This initiative aims to:

  • Align employees with CSR’s vision, mission and values
  • Increase employees’ productivity
  • Enhance employees’ well-being
  • Improve workplace conditions
  • Motivate employees with work-life balance.

At its core, the CSR Employee Engagement Program charts an employee’s journey through areas that serve as the core pillars of the employee experience:

CSR Sihat

Health is Wealth

Delivering wellness to our customers begins with wellness within ourselves through our health-related initiatives.

CSR Santai

Bonding is Winning

‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ and teamwork starts with a strong bond between members informally.

CSR Bual Bicara

Think Different

CSR Team learns from the words of wisdom from the Leadership Team in a relax and informal setting.

CSR Ilmu

Knowledge is Power

We encourage the CSR Team to be agents of change via knowledge sharing and make a meaningful and positive contributions.

CSR Prihatin

Sharing is Caring

Living up to the CSR values, each of our employees is committed to taking up a role in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Learn & Grow as You Work

Learning and Development are essential aspects that can only lead to positive results. As such, CSR invests heavily in the learning and professional development of our People to ensure the CSR Team is able to perform at their best.

Our pledge to the Learning and Development of the team are as follows:

To be proactive and deliver quality work in full, and on time.

To help employees grow to their fullest potential, by working with internal stakeholders and L&D Providers.

To develop a pool of Internal Trainers to support learning programs best delivered by in-house expertise.

This pledge is achieved through a personalised development plan for every employee incorporating technical training, coaching and mentoring, and skill-building programs.

A Workplace You Can Thrive In

We invest heavily in the personal as well as professional development of the CSR Team. Part of our initiative is to ensure the team has the proper facilities to assist in their growth as vital members of CSR and as indispensable members of the community.

The Dojo Room

The Dojo Room is an initiative by the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) department that houses industrial safety simulation tools. The HSE department frequently trains the team in the Dojo Room, prioritising those who work with machines daily. Our Annual Safety Day is held to ensure health and safety precautions amongst the CSR Team.

The Gym

Tucked in the CSR Office is the gym, where our staff members are able to stretch their legs (and more!) to go for a jog on the treadmill or to pump some iron. After all, a healthy lifestyle starts with us.

Staff members can also enjoy participating in seasonal events that are held from time to time throughout the year like weight loss challenges and more.

The Emerging Leaders Programme

CSR’s story still has a long way to go, and this journey will be filled with challenges and uncertainties. To face these obstacles, the CSR Emerging Leaders Programme helps to identify our People with leadership potential. This programme allows them to realise their untapped capabilities by further building their competencies through a professional development plan that improves their self-awareness and skills in communication, leadership and change management.

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