The Operations


As a leading sugar producer and supplier, CSR has a strong and proud heritage spanning over five decades. Trusted for its quality and dependable service, CSR has reviewed certifications from accredited institutions such as SIRIM and SGS International for hygiene, safety and high production standards. Hence, CSR products are Clean, Safe and Reliable.

Technology and Operations

Changing consumer dynamics and demands for natural sweeteners have led to phases of expansion of CSR’s operations in Malaysia. The company has consistently extended its refinery, increased its logistics capacity and distribution channels, and committed to innovation and development in the sugar refining industry.

CSR has made significant investments in new technologies to keep up with the pace of developments and to enhance its position as a global player. Installation of new boilers and upgrading steam turbines in the plant signifies CSR’s continuous effort towards cost reduction, productivity improvement and energy saving. Automating our warehouse system through the deployment of robotic arms at the packing line further enhances operational efficiency and eases traffic congestion along the production process.

Equally, to ensure the brand maintains its product integrity, stringent standard operating procedures and food safety and security measures are built into the production lines.

How Sugar is Made

Summarized flow from incoming raw sugar to packing station

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