Our People

At CSR, we strongly believe that our people is the strength of the Company and nothing can be achieved without their commitment and energy. People are indeed our most important asset. Our People is one of the key pillars in our Company’s success

Employee Experience

We value our employees, and we are committed to take care of them, physically and mentally from the first day they are with us by providing a conducive working environment with series of engaging activities.

The Company’s essential objectives for employee engagement activities are to create a high-performing and involved team by implementing employee engagement plan to:

  1. Align employees with our company vision, mission and values
  2. Increase employee productivity
  3. Enhance employee well-being
  4. Improve workplace condition
  5. Motivate employees with work-life-balance

CSR Employee Engagement Program has been established through the following five core areas:

  • CSR Sihat – Health is Wealth
  • CSR Santai – Bonding is Winning
  • CSR Bual Bicara – Think Different
  • CSR Ilmu – Knowledge is Power
  • CSR Prihatin – Sharing is Caring

“Happy Employees, Happy Customers” – high employee engagement will lead to excellent customer service which will bring positive and powerful impact to the Company. When employees feel their contributions are valued and recognized, it will create a positive impact on the overall productivity.

­­Learning and Development (L&D)

We invest heavily on their learning and development. It is on this foundation that we have designed our L&D pledge, which is divided into three missions:

  1. To be proactive and deliver quality of work in full, and on time.
  2. To help employees grow to their fullest potential, by working with internal stakeholders and L&D Providers,
  3. To develop a pool of Internal Trainers to support learning programs best delivered by in-house expertise.

From the moment a new employee joins us, they will have a personal development plan tailored to their individual needs and ambitions. Incorporating a powerful combination of technical training, coaching and mentoring, and skill-building programs.

Our Employee Learning Model

We also have Emerging Leaders Program to identify our people with leadership potential, prepare and helping them realise their true capabilities by building their competencies. Their journey will be through self-awareness, communication skills, leadership and change management. In facing the uncertain challenges in future, we will start to prepare our people by implementing cross function on-job training.

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