We believe in sustainability!

Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd is committed to maintain a business that practises sustainability in every decision we make. We make sustainability as one of our important consideration in building our brand and determining our success. With sustainability as one of our core values, we  see our company as part of the eco-system, and we need to play our part in ensuring the world we live in will continue to flourish for the generations to come. Our commitment to sustainability is  guided by VIVE, a continuous voluntary programme for sugar supply chains focused on driving continuous improvement in sustainability performance in our business. CSR’s participation in VIVE is a testimony of our on-going journey and creation of value throughout the entire supply chain which makes us different from the rest.  improvement.  The VIVE Partners are Czarnikow, which has been a trusted partner to the sugar industry since 1861 and AB Sustain, which has been pioneering sustainable agricultural programme since 1995 and operates in 60 countries The VIVE Programme covers key aspects within the areas of People, Planet and Profit, where it functions along CSR’s entire supply chain starting from producer  right to the end users – consumers and customers.

Three steps of the VIVE Programme are:

  1. Foundation Level (Key sustainability principles)
  2. Claim Level (Benchmarked against other sustainability standards)
  3. Excellence Level (Going beyond compliance)

To ensure that this drive is on-going, CSR is participating  within VIVE’s Excellence Level.


Continuously safeguarding the rights and welfare of our employees, as well as those working with our suppliers


Both internally and with third party suppliers, we are focused on ensuring that each step in our supply chain adheres to our sustainability principles.


Managing our facilities in a manner which ensures that the safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and visitors are protected at all times.


Ensuring our ability to trace all raw materials back to individual farms, all products through our facilities and all finished products forward to our customers.


Managing our facilities to produce sugar with the minimum possible adverse impact on the environment

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