Aromatic Brown Sugar

This is a warm honey-coloured sugar with a moist crumbly texture. Its creamy aromatic flavour is derived from its rich molasses content.

Traditional Brown Sugar

Made from 100% pure cane juice, this sugar is identical to Gula Melaka (traditional Malaysian brown sugar). Presented in cylindrical cake blocks, it provides natural sweetness with no artificial colouring.

Soft Brown Sugar

The fine crystals of Soft Brown are dark brown in colour and soft, slightly moist texture.

Golden Brown Sugar

Golden yellow in appearance. Provide a distinctive sweet and it contains moderate molasses content.

Icing Sugar

A powdered sugar with a smooth texture. It contains corn starch as an anti-caking agent, and is easily combined with fast dissolve rate.

Caster Sugar

The smallest-size crystal sugar, it has a superfast dissolving rate. It is particularly handy for smooth blending