CSR (99042-V) adheres to four policies, which are integral to our vision, customer satisfaction, product quality and safety, being in harmony with the environment and in ensuring the wellbeing of our employees
Our policies:

Our Quality Policy

It is our vision to be the leading supplier of refined sugars in Malaysia. We are committed to our Quality Policy in assuring satisfaction to all our customers by adopting an effective quality management system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
In assuring satisfaction to our customers, we are committed to:

Producing high-quality refined sugar at competitive costs

Achieving zero customer complaints

Achieving on-time delivery

Providing prompt technical support and services

We shall continually seek to improve our quality management system and ensure that established quality objectives of the Company and at each Department are reviewed periodically.

Our Food Safety Policy

In the aspect of Food Safety, we are fully committed in ensuring:

Our refined sugar products manufactured in our BatuTiga Refinery are safe and suitable for their intended use for human consumption

Our products conform to all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements in force in Malaysia, and with all mutually agreed food safety requirements of our customers

Our Food Safety Assurance activities will be guided by the effective implementation of the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, having in its core, the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System

Our Food Safety Management System is supported by all levels of the organisation, as well as by our major suppliers of materials and services whose product and activities have an impact on the Food Safety element of our products

Our Environmental Policy

CSR(99042-V) is committed to making a concerted effort to ensure that all our company’s activities at our sugar refining plant in Shah Alam are in harmony with our environment and the community we serve. CSR (99042-V) is committed to the following:

To document and maintain an effective Environment Management System (EMS) that complies with relevant ISO14001:2015 standards

To comply with relevant Environmental legislations, regulations and other requirements to which the Company subscribes

To identify environmental aspects and impacts associated with CSR(99042-V) activities, products or services in order to provide a framework for setting up objectives and targets for our environmental management programmes. The objectives and targets will be reviewed periodically as a means for continuous improvement

To implement pollution-control and pollution-prevention measures to preserve the environment through the control of effluent discharges, air emissions, scheduled waste disposal and noise exposure

To encourage 3Rs activities (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) to reduce solid waste and resource requirements

To educate and communicate environmental requirements to our employees and contractors

To continue to improve on resource maximisation and conservation

Our Health & Safety Policy

It has always been CSR(99042-V)’s policy that health and safety play fundamental roles in the way the Company operates. Thus our Health & Safety policy is as equally important as our business objectives. Within the framework of the policy, we are fully committed to:

Secure the health, safety and welfare of those at work

Eliminate all accidents and injuries

Facilitate continuous improvements in Health & Safety performance

Cultivate and develop individual personal responsibilities and awareness on Health & Safety matters.