Central Sugars Refinery Promotes Better Brown Low Glycemic Sugar through #tukarlah Campaign in East Malaysian

CSR paves the way for healthy sugar versions and encourages Malaysians to consume sugar responsibly

PETALING JAYA, 26 JULY 2019: Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd (CSR), with its Better Brown Low G Sugar has embarked on the #Tukarlah campaign, in an effort to encourage and switch customers’ preferences to brown sugar. The Better Brown Low G Sugar is CSR’s new and healthier sugar option with a Low Glycemic Index (GI) and is the first in Malaysia and Asia.

By having a low GI, CSR’s latest product will be more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised. This leads to a lower and slower rise in blood glucose, thus helping consumers to sustain energy longer and curb hunger cravings. Low Glycemic is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. While the GI count of regular white sugar stands at 69 ± 5, Better Brown Low G Sugar carries a GI count of 55 or less and yet provides the same sweet taste, making it suitable for use in food and drinks preparation.

“CSR’s Better Brown Low G Sugar is a result of our continuous innovation and a breakthrough in technology. Our goal has always been to address customer needs and to create an awareness and encourage consumers to consume sugar responsibly in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. This new Better Brown Low G Sugar by CSR has set a new benchmark for healthier sugar option, that not only tastes great but is affordable to all,” said Hishammudin Hasan, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of CSR.

“With this new Better Brown Low G Sugar, we want to encourage and switch customer’s preference to brown sugar. This is in line with our vision to continuously innovate and evolve to provide customers with the better and healthier choice, and to encourage the community to consume sugar in a responsible manner in accordance to our lifestyles,” he added.

In an effort to reach out to Malaysians to make the switch to brown sugar and to drive further awareness on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, CSR has embarked on its #tukarlah advertising campaign. Themed “A Mother’s Love/ Kasih Ibu”, the campaign aims to encourage consumers, especially mothers, to switch from using regular white sugar to a healthier sugar alternative, the Better Brown Low G Sugar, in food and beverage preparations for their families. The campaign is reaching out to the community through various channels from print, online, radio to on-ground activities.

In addition to the promotion efforts, the CSR team will be on ground at the Kuching Festival & Food Fair 2019, from 24 July to 16 August to promote Better Brown Low G Sugar to the local communities. As part of the campaign, CSR has just launched its GrabCar #tukarlah advertising campaign in Kuching, Sarawak as well as Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 20 July 2019, to further increase the awareness on Better Brown Low G Sugar in East Malaysia.

CSR has been ramping up its efforts in encouraging people to consume sugar responsibly and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In October 2018, the company formed a partnership with the National Diabetes Institute, Malaysia (NADI), with a commitment to spread awareness of consuming sugar responsibly and fighting diabetes. As part of the collaboration, CSR is supporting NADI’s “Promote Healthy Lifestyle, Fight Diabetes” Programme that looks to conduct various educational activities and engages with rural and urban Malaysians.

Additionally, CSR and NADI continues to spread awareness to every home in Malaysia through the release of its Better Brown Low G Sugar with NADI’s ‘Promote Healthy Lifestyle, Fight Diabetes Program’ logo that captures both organisation’s support of a healthy lifestyle.

CSR’s Better Brown Low G Sugar is available at all leading retail outlets nationwide at RM3.80 per pack.