CSR 25253

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Central Sugars Refinery stepped out into the world with a small yet noble dream; to be Malaysia’s go-to name when it comes to sugars and sweeteners


Produce excellent products that shoppers, consumers and users want after which we: Make them known by communicating on its proper use and benefits: and Make them available everywhere by distributing them wider and deeper via Modern & Traditional Trades, Foodservice, SMI and Industry channels.


Our products are not just commodities. They help enhance the taste and value of any drinks, food or products that they are added to. We want every household, food outlet, office or any premise to experience the joy of using at least 2 of our products, every manufacturer that uses sugar or sugar based product to use at least 1, and if they use 2 sugar suppliers, to use at least 60% from our company.

Core Values

At CSR, our people are our greatest assets. We are committed to trusting and respecting one another, and helping each other grow and progress within the organization. Together we will keep ahead of our competition by producing excellent products, by superior marketing and sales distribution, and by winning the hearts and minds of our customers, through excellent service. Together we will succeed, by demonstrating:

  • Ownership and accountability by employees at all levels. Everyone has a personal and collective responsibility to lead the way to ensure  the best possible  results. ​
  • Interdependence and teamwork to accomplish our tasks. Together, we will achieve greater heights for ourselves and for the organisation. ​
  • ​A Commercially Driven  mindset, where we use our time and resources to improve productivity, eliminate waste, and ensure profitability. ​

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